25 Years of Arena Homme+ (All Killer No Filler), Ben Kelway Editions 2020

Mastermind, Published by Victionary. 232 pages, Softcover. 7 1/2' x 9 3/4" (191 x 248 mm). flexi-bound, 700 illustrations, English.

Great fashion does not exist in a vacuum. It must be relevant to the needs of the intended wearer, whether economic, seasonal, aesthetic or temporal. It must also tell a story. Beneath every work of art lies a spark of inspiration, and couture is no exception.
Today’s art directors delve into this tinder, igniting hidden worlds through the subtle use of styling and photographic imagery. Sources are drawn from popular culture to iconic art and literature to provide a myriad of settings both mythic and surreal. By nature these creatives are masters of balance, amplifying a designer’s vision to convey, but not compete with, the true essence of a piece.
With a primary focus on fashion photography, MasterMind features the work of 30 of today’s most cutting edge art directors, fashion stylists and photographers. The highly individual nature of the projects showcased is expressive of the incredible talents at work in this industry. Includes interviews and production notes.

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